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Where Comfort Meets Style


Where Comfort Meets Style

Comfort is Key
Our patches are made from soft, skin-friendly materials to ensure a gentle and irritation-free experience.

Fashionable Designs
From playful patterns to favorite characters, our diverse selection ensures there's a patch to match every child's taste.

Effective Vision Care
Our patches are designed to aid in the treatment of various eye conditions, helping to improve vision while ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for the child.

Bryce was 2.5 years young when he was first diagnosed with congenital cataracts in his left eye. (Yes, cataracts has no age limitations! Not a lot of people know that, and with me being a registered nurse, I was unaware of this too!). We all learn something new everyday :)

We get asked a lot, "how did you know, with your son being so young and unable to tell you he can't see well?"

It all started when we noticed him squinting and blinking excessively. It gradually became so obvious and frequent enough that we knew something was definitely wrong with his eyesight. We took him to see our family doctor and then a referral was immediately made to see the pediatric ophthalmologist.

Giving back to children's vision

Advocates for vision impairment awareness and prevention

Great customer support

Created by a nurse mom, woman & minority owned

Minimal packaging used, 100% recyclable box packaging

Health Canada & FDA Certified

At present at least 2.2 billion people around the world have a vision impairment, of whom at least 1 billion have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or is yet to be addressed. The world faces considerable challenges in terms of eye care, including inequalities in the coverage and quality of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services; a shortage of trained eye care service providers; and poor integration of eye care services into health systems, among others.

-World Health Organization, 2023


What Our Customers Say

My 4 y/o was diagnosed with Amblyopia about 6 months ago and we have been patching for the past 3 months. We started with another brand but my son complained of pain on his skin when peeling the patches off ... after trying these for the first time, he exclaimed “mommy these don’t hurt!” Great adhesion without the pain.

— THKmom

Our 4 year old is a huge fan of these patches. The designs are unique and colourful, perfect to convince a little kid to wear them. They are also extremely adhesive without being tacky. We often break up the hours of patching and had no problem with reusing the patch twice within one day. We are definitely sold on these patches. Thanks Eye Patch Kid!

— Chris M

Very happy with these. We tried so many patches before buying these and I wish we started here! They stay on well but don't irritate my daughter's sensitive skin at all. With previous patches she would cry when we took them off because it hurt, but she'll take these off independently - no tears! The designs are fun too and help her stay motivated to wear them. We are happy!

— Ciera L

Highly recommended! Such cute and functional/informative package. Arrived fast in themail. My little one love the design and keeps it on. Quality eye patch. Will definitely purchase again.

— Allan K

My kiddo LOVES these, it makes wearing a patch so much easier! They love seeing what is on their patch every day when we pick one out. They are also super easy to come off & dont hurt at all I'll definitely keep buying these!

— Joe L

My 7 year old is doing patch therapy 4 hours a day, and doesn’t actually mind with these patches. They don’t pull at his skin when we remove them, and they look super cute!

— AC

How to Apply An Eye Patch

We understand the importance of comfort and effectiveness in the application process, ensuring your child's experience is positive and stress-free. Watch and learn the best techniques for a smooth and hassle-free eye patch application, making eye care a breeze for you and your little one.


We Have Answers

What are the eye patches made of?

Our sterile eye patches are made from soft, breathable non-woven cotton material that is gentle on the skin. They are designed to be hypoallergenic and non-irritating for extended wear. They are also Health Canada and FDA approved.

How long should my child wear the eye patch each day?

The duration of wear depends on your eye care professional's recommendation. Typically, it ranges from a few hours to most of the waking hours. Follow your doctor's guidance for the best results.

Can these patches be used for both eyes?

Yes, our patches are versatile and can be used for either eye. They are designed to be easily adaptable and comfortable for both left and right eye application.

Do these patches come in different designs?

Yes, our patches come in a wide range of fun and colorful designs to suit different preferences and personalities. From animals and patterns to favorite characters, we have something for everyone!

Can these patches be used with glasses?

Yes, our patches are compatible with most glasses. They are designed to fit comfortably under eyeglasses, providing a secure fit without causing discomfort.

Are the eye patches waterproof?

They do not adhere to wet skin. Please clean the skin area and keep it dry and intact before applying.

Does the eye patches come in different sizes?

Yes, we believe that every child has a different face shape and size. Therefore, we offer medium and large sizes currently. Medium (74x54mm) is reccommended for ages 0-4 years old. Large (83x57mm) is reccommended for ages 4+.

Are the eyepatches reuseable?

They are meant for one time use for hygenic purposes.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please see rates upon checkout.

Why choose Patch Kid eye patches?

Each of our eye patch designs were specifically hand drawn by our artist with kids in mind. We strive to help children gain more confidence and control in their eye health. Our eye patches are made for sensitive skin and they are super gentle upon removal. In addition, we are commited to helping the world become more sustainable. We use minimal packaging and all of our boxes and shipping packages are 100% recyclable.